Michigan Family Institute has a well established reputation for designing innovative and effective programs that address specific issues. Beyond individual and family counseling, many of our clients benefit from participation in programs that focus on strategies designed to meet their specific needs.

Below is a partial list of our offerings. For a complete list and more detailed descriptions, please visit our website. Some programs are offered on an as-needed basis and are not on a regular schedule. Please call for schedule information.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Evaluation

The symptoms of ADHD are caused by a complex set of factors. Based on more than 20 years of experience in evaluating and working with children with ADHD, we understand the nature of these factors. The focus of our evaluation process is to accurately identify each variable and recommend steps to improve a child’s functioning.
The evaluation process includes IQ testing, psycho-social assessment and personality testing. We interview both the child and parents, provide questionnaires for parents and teachers, review records and assess the child’s intellectual and emotional functioning. If we find that a child has attentional problems, we specialize in finding the least invasive method available for improving the child’s functioning. Although medication may be recommended, we have found in many cases that the symptoms of ADHD can be managed with behavioral, family, psychosocial and nutritional modifications.

School Consultation Program

This program is designed to help administration, faculty, parents and community members deal with particularly difficult problems that occur in school. We come to your school to collaborate closely with staff and other significant adults in order to understand the difficulties hands-on. As a team, we then work to resolve serious behavior management problems. We offer programs to help meet the educational and emotional needs of staff and students designed to address the concerns outlined by administration and staff. We offer school-wide programs for preventing bullying, sexual harassment, violence and many other concerns.

Parenting Skills Training for Parents of Difficult Children and Adolescents

This five-session workshop is for parents whose children have, or are beginning to have, serious behavior problems, are involved with the juvenile court system or have been hospitalized. Our approach is designed to solve even the most serious of situations despite having been treated many times in the past. This program is available through the Institute or can be brought to schools, courts and community groups in their chosen settings.

Legally Divorced, Emotionally Married

This special three-session group seminar is for divorced individuals who struggle with continued emotional pain over their divorces. These interactive sessions are designed to help people find relief from the emotional pain that can continue
to interfere with happiness and future relationships. Our approach offers simple, easy-to-follow methods for overcoming intense feelings such as guilt, anger and frustration that can lead to serious problems for the entire family.